Paid Advertising; or Pay-Per-Click, is an effective strategy utilized when SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is not working, or is not setup. It can often be used to see results overnight, however, their effectiveness can vary based on budget and market. It's simple; write your ad, choose the demographic/keywords you want to utilize, and then select your budget.

Although, it is possible to see overnight results, it's not as easy as simply "flicking a switch". In order for paid advertising to be effective, the campaign must be optimized using specific keywords, and set to a target demographic. The end goal is to see ROI (Return on Investment) that is positive.

Paid Advertising that is fully optimized can produce unimaginable results. With our experts to walk you through it, step-by-step, not only will you see positive ROI, you will also feel informed.



Paying for advertising through Google is the simplest and most effective ways to promote your business to those that need to see it. Although the cost-per-click will be higher here, working with our experts will ensure a positive ROI for each and every ad.


Unlike Google, paid advertising with social media can be a little bit more challenging. Although the cost-per-click tends to be less expensive than Google, these ads are more specialized. Our experts will design ads that will capture and hold attention longer, and in shorter succession.


Advertising on YouTube is a great way to attract customers through detailed visuals, jam-packed with information. Similar to Google, the cost-per-click for YouTube tends to be higher, but the results are amazing. Our experts will help you design a video ad that is either 15 seconds or 30 seconds that will leave viewers wanting to watch, instead of clicking "skip".


TikTok is a unique challenge when it comes to advertising. The intention of the ads are to be short, sweet and precise; while also leaving a lasting impression on the younger generations. Luckily for you, our experts use TikTok all day, and know the exact right way to help your brand engage using any dances, memes, songs or quotes that may or may not be needed.


Our client Curt Landscaping and Fencing needed to drive more traffic to their brand new website, so they turned to our team of Paid Advertising experts. The agreement was to run one month of ads for the agreed upon budget.

Not only did our team increase their search views by +253% and their maps views by +367%; they also gained 2.72K overall ad views within a 30 day period. In return, Curt Landscaping and Fencing saw an increase in phone calls for their services that was so overwhelming they had to start turning away business.

It's no secret that our team of experts know the in's and outs of Paid Advertising, and Curt Landscaping and Fencing knew to take advantage of our low rates, for a positive ROI.


Find new customers through Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


Top page of Google? Yes please! Our experts are ready to get your business trending. 


The perfect website design, customized to match your dream online presence.


Mobile optimized, dynamic and fully functional. Exactly the way you envisioned.


Bear Fox Marketing
"...a phenomenal web developer who has a keen eye for end-user experiences. His excellent communication skills made working together a true pleasure. With every project we worked through, I was also astounded by Kyle's efficiency, dedication to creating the best user experience possible, and exceptional communication."


Content Strategist
"...a highly capable web developer, and was well liked around the office. His work ethic and integrity was apparent to anyone who worked with him, whether it was clients or colleagues. He creates value for his company and his clients, and is an asset to any organization he belongs to."


Owner -
"...keenly aware of what's current and what is outdated. He's got a firm grasp on what yields more new organic traffic and keeps them on your page for longer; then converts them to a phone call. He understands what I mean when I ask for something and have no idea what I'm talking about, and can convert my "vision" into a tangible result, quickly and efficiently."
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